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My Life Quote

I have many interests that keep me very busy, and I am looking for a place to share my musings. My goal with this site is not only to muse about my passions but to meet other bloggers and webmasters to exchange information with so I can learn new things and be enlightened by the interests of others.

What I Have Been Doing

kaplan university

I  graduated with my Master’s degree in Management majoring in Leadership in February 2016. Before that, I obtained my Bachelor’s in Business Administration majoring in Internet Marketing/New Media. Finally, many moons ago, I received my nursing license. As demonstrated, my interests are varied. I consider myself a lifelong learner and have spent the last six years in school writing technical papers, research reports, review papers, and case studies. Now, I am excited to, write about other areas of my life that have been on hold. Join me, won’t you?

What I Have Been Doing Lately 

 I have been redesigning my internet marketing website. I am offering more graphic design/creative services than before. I am working on many new projects for the new year and trying to get things organized to take classes through a grant at Horizon’s Computer Center.  


Quotes Are My Passion

I enjoy reading and designing my quotes. I have two blogs dedicated to each type of interest. Quotes Are My Passion is a blog that has quotes on it I have designed myself. I am so passionate about quotes I also have a Facebook Page where I share different quotes I design. I admire many other people’s quote designs as well and share them on my Tumblr Blog.


Designing Websites and Blogs

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I have taught myself how to design websites and am very fond of creating as many as possible. The challenge is invigorating and the creativity I have the pleasure of using mends my soul when I am having a bad day. You can find links to the websites I have designed that I keep up with on my websites page of my portfolio site. I have created blogs on many platforms with success. This is the first time tackling WordPress though which is why I chose this platform. The other reason I  wanted WordPress.com is that I want to be a part of a community that supports and encourages others. I have not found that type of community on other platforms. Won’t you join this journey with me? 

Creating Videos

I also enjoy making videos about anything and everything. If you give me a topic, I will find a way to make a video about it. I have used many programs to make videos but, to be honest, I have not found one that does everything I want it to do. Alternatively, maybe, I just don’t know how to use all the features of the many programs…LOL! Either way, I will keep working on making videos even if they are not perfect. They are fun! Check out a few I have done for various reasons and let me know what you think or even better if you have a special occasion you want to have a video to remember it by, get in touch with me, and I would love to make it for you.

New Hobbies

Springtime Decoration and Design FB Cover

I love learning which makes the internet and computers some of my “best friends.” I spend time researching just for the sake of hoping to stumble upon some new information that will lead to a new hobby. One of the “new hobbies” I acquired back in 2013 (although it seems like yesterday) is designing digital art. I have found this one of my favorite hobbies. I decided to share my work online and joined a website that sells my artwork in varies mediums. I am not trying to make money off of my work as I feel that would take away from the immense joy I feel while creating new art. Instead, all of my proceeds are donated to nonprofit organizations. Oh, that is another passion of mine. I love volunteering and have done so for over ten years. Working with nonprofit organizations has given me the humbleness that life is meant to offer.

Family Means Everything To Me

Last, but definitely not least, I am blessed with the pleasure of having two wonderful men in my life that are so supportive of me and my goals, I feel like a queen. My boyfriend, Tony is wonderful. He is the most caring man I have ever met and never questions all of my “endeavors” – he encourages me in fact. Then there is my son, Jacob who recently turned 18 and will graduate high school in a few months. He brings the humor into my life when I most need it. We have an unbreakable bond that I cannot even put into words. I do not need to, in fact, because he feels it too and that is all that matters. I will be creating pages dedicated to both Tony and Jacob on this site as soon as I figure out more of how WordPress works.

Enough About Me But….

Holley Jacobs Photo

Well, I guess that is enough about me. I have made a few posts, set up my site and now plan to venture into the community and see where this journey takes me. Oh yeah, a few quirky things about me is I love tattoos so much I have many of my own but also a Tattoo blog that was my first attempt at starting a blog. I also love ALL kinds of music (the louder, the better – it is kind of an obsession) and I dream of traveling and fulfilling my bucket list. I started Beautiful World Bucket List as a way to document the gorgeous places I wish I could visit on a whim because I had saved so many pictures and amazingly have over 20,000 followers. WOW!! Don’t ask me how that happened so fast but it is something I am proud and humbled about at the same time.

One last thought – Please if you would like to be a contributor on my blog, I would LOVE to hear from you. It is the main reason I chose this template. I wanted to have a special section for other bloggers to join my blog and have their own pages. Please consider sharing some of your musings, thoughts, and opinions on my blog.


~ Holley

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