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Reflection – Amazon Book of Poems

“It seems that when we face the fact that we have lived more years than we have left, it comes down to the individual and what works for you and you alone. Some people look to spiritual guidance, some to a reinvention of themselves and their life, whilst others lose themselves by imbibing different substances. The rest of us use our intellect to plot our journey, and hopefully come out the other side complete and at one with our body and our mind.”

This is the premise behind the poems in this book. Now, I am not a real poetry reader although I try to make it a practice, especially lately that I have more time. This book, however, I read back in 2013 and have read it many times since. Each time I read it, I found something profound about my life. It is amazing how art can affect people in such a manner. I love it though because it allows me to discover parts of myself that I never knew existed. Read my Amazon review for more detail about how this book has affected me in the past.


These Reflections again brought me to tears in what I discovered. I cannot write poetry well at all but I absolutely love quotes. I collect them, have two blogs, one I designed all the artwork, Quotes Are My Passion, and the other are quotes other people have shared online that finds its home on Quotes Tumblr. I have kept up with these blogs due to the passion I feel from certain quotes.

I use Google Keep to collect random thoughts, quotes, errands to run, etc. It is my perfect little notebook. I usually will collect a group of quotes while in a particular mood or if I am thinking about someone else, either their problems or their successes. I equate almost everything with quotes. As I read the following poem in the Reflections book, I had a nudging feeling to go to Google Keep. I opened it up and happened upon a group of quotes that I wrote down thinking about another person. I felt that these quotes were about them and their feelings.

A cell phone depicting looking for quotes from Google Keep

However, I was wrong. I embraced this particular poem. First, let me explain the author gives a “behind the scenes” paragraph about the poem which stated this:

Be True To Yourself

“This poem is about when you turn out the bedroom light at night. Yes, you may share the bed with someone but inside your head, there is only you. You have to love yourself because in the end that is all you have. You have to be true to yourself.”

The poem is such:

Be True To Yourself

Come fellow travelers hear my call

If this is it and that is all

We have one life and nothing more

What would you change and what ignore

So is there life when at the end

We do not know but some pretend

For me, I trust in what I know

Ignore cold winds when they do blog

Our minds decide just who we are

Your self belief will take you far

It’s plus or minus, you can choose

Don’t give up or you may lose

See I believe in who I be

Live and learn from what I see

Cause when it’s over and I land

To frolic in this real life dance

I see the sky, I feel the sun

I look for fun, I choose to run

I smell the wind and hear the rain

Enjoy the laughter, deal with pain

Experiment with what I know

I question when you do not show

I challenge when you are too scared

Be brave enough to show you cared

So don’t give in to those who doubt

Or wait for death then find it out

There is one life and that is now

So make it work, some way, some how

For in the end there’s truth in you

Just give your heart to all things new

Acknowledge love from those who give

Above all else be sure to live


Reading this poem and then stumbling upon a set the set of quotes in my recent gallery stirred something down inside of me….these quotes were MEANT FOR ME! I hope you find some meaning to relate to the awesome poem and the quotes I designed. Please share your musings with me! Enjoy my fundamental findings in this newest gallery.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I realized that these quotes were not meant for someone else – they were meant for me. That summation made me view the quotes in a much different way. A way that required me to look inward and rephrase the quotes to suite my life at the moment. It is for this reason that I love collecting quotes. Please check out my Donation Art website that showcases some of my work that is for sale which all of my proceeds are donated to nonprofit organizations.

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to leave your favorite musings, quotes, thoughts, ideas, etc in the reply section below.


~ Holley Jacobs


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