10 Best Friend Songs That Describe Them All

Have you ever wondered what song reminds you of your best friend from Elementary School? Middle School? High School? College? Life? Parents? Husband? Wife?

My thoughts on best friends…..

I have had many friends that I considered “best friends”. I have never liked to single one person out over the others. I think that each friend you have serves their time as your best friend when the time, condition, place, and circumstance is right. None of them are better than the others. They all just have unique qualities that when paired with mine, result in some of the “best friend times” I have ever had. I have thought a lot about the traits of each of my “best friends” over the years.

Music is another passion of mine

I listen to all kinds of music and in doing so, it enhances my creativity and allows me to find peace within myself. I also see such amazing art in music. I find artistic traits in everything I look at these days. It wasn’t always like this. Early on in my life, I was very analytical. I earned a degree in Nursing so science was my life. I never gave my creative side a chance. Then, after leaving my 17-year marriage, I started over. This time, I left my mind open to anything. I then found through surfing the web, finding interesting ideas and programs that I wanted to teach myself how to use that I actually have a creative side. And that, my friends, is how my creativity took over my life (in a good way). I literally view the world as one big artistic show that we each contribute to the best way we know how.

That being said, I used the art of music to choose ten songs that represent the kind of friends I have had, have, or have been. I give you my list, how to buy the songs, a definition of how the song made me feel about a certain friend, and at the end a GREAT YouTube playlist so you can listen for  yourself. The playlist is at the bottom of my post. Please feel free to comment on which songs you can relate to.

You’ve Got a Friend 

No matter where I am, I will always be there for you. Don’t let others dictate to you what is best for you. You call anytime and I will be there in a quick minute. Don’t ever lose my number because even if we are half way across the world from each other, I will be here for you until the end of time. Nothing nor no one will ever come between us. If our memories start to fade, then please take out those pictures we have, and start thinking about all the fun things we did – no matter the weather, place, time, or people around; we did our thing. You will always have a friend no matter how alone you feel; you will never be alone as long as I am on this planet. Keep your head above that stress just long enough for me to get there. Then everything will be better. I will run to see you again and take some of your pain away. I will do whatever is necessary to make you smile, laugh, and even cry. Sometimes, we all just need a good cry.

Stand By Me

That friend that has been there with you through it all, good and bad. That person that stands next to you, no matter if they think if you are right or not. That is not the point. The point is to stand by me always. If I feel like the sky is falling down around me, it is that friend that I can call up and they will tell me a joke or a dumb thing they did recently. Before I know it, I can’t remember why I was upset in the first place. Knowing you have someone to stand by you through whatever life throws at you is an immeasurable thought. Darling, it can only be felt and no one but me and that friend has that chemistry needed to accomplish what I need to get over whatever is bothering me.

Thank You

I just want to stay in bed for the day and think about absolutely NOTHING. Then I think of that friend who would be able to take my mind off all of life’s problems. The bills, the family, the work, etc. – they always know exactly when to call you – like a mind trick between just the two of you. And when they call, all my problems stop, at least for the time being. It just becomes about me and them. They make me get up out of bed, get in the shower, get dressed and go out. No plans are made….we just get in the car and ride. Ride until the rest of the world is absolute. This is the friend that deserves one of the biggest thank you’s because they take away the pain of everyday life.

Lean On Me

Don’t you worry about anything. I will always be here for you to lean on. Sometimes in our lives we all have pain. But I will be there for you when the times are good and more importantly when times are bad. I will let you see into the future and how great it can be. I will carry your burdens on my shoulder so you can remember what a terrific person you are and how much you have to offer this world. Don’t you worry about bothering me because I NEED you to LEAN ON ME. I need to feel that sense that I matter to someone. I need to feel that no matter what is going on in my life, it is not as important as it is to be there for you at that moment. We all need someone to lean on and I will be that person for you – now, later, and forever.

Wind Beneath My Wings

When I feel that the whole world is against me, this is the song that you, my friend, share with me. You let me know that I am better than my problems. You are content to let me shine and if I don’t see how much I can shine, you let me know quickly just how strong I truly am. You tell me how beautiful I am, inside and out and always make me smile. You are the wind beneath my wings and give me that strength that you say I have. No, my love, you are the strong one – the one who “gives” me strength, not “shows” me my strength. I have you in my heart forever and I know that I would not have accomplished anything great in my life without you – MY HERO!! I wish I had the power you have to make people feel that they are on top of the world. Please know that you are everything I wish I could be and everything I strive to be. If I amount to an ounce of what I see in you, then my life has been worthwhile.

My Best Friend

Never did I think that friendship could lead to such a love that is not able to be put into words. I thought friendship and love were completely different entities and that one person was incompatible of being both. I was wrong. I am tired of the hurt, the pain, the loneliness. I don’t feel alone when we are together even if it is in my dreams. The closer we fall in love, the better friends we become. Life with you makes perfect sense and that is the truth. I can’t explain it but you are my best friend in the whole sense of the word. No one has ever believed in me like you have and you are always there to save me when I need it too. Your touch is magical and your eyes are full of love and devotion. I truly do fall in love with you all over again every single day. But I also feel our friendship grow as each day goes by as well. Friends and Lovers – who could ask for more? There is no other. Period. Done. No Exceptions. I need you with me because our life together makes more sense than I have ever known.

Pocketful Of Sunshine

This is the friend that keeps the smile on my face for an entire day. That is amazing to me. You take me away to a sweet escape where better days lay and you make the sun shine when the skies are grey and rainy looking. I can stand up for myself because you give me the strength to know that NO ONE  can control me. No one can “make” me feel anything I don’t want to feel. You remind me that I am in control. That place I have gone to be by myself for many years was a place that I thought no one could understand much less join me there. We creep away to the special place and better days. The world is tolerable again. Thank you, my pocketful of sunshine.

Savin’ Me

When I am at my lowest, this friend saves me from self-destruction. When I call or scream for you because I am falling, you are right there and show me that I WILL BE the last one standing. You show me what is worth fighting for and what needs to be let go to move on with life. I call you when I have nightmares. I am falling. I need you to pick me up and you always do. I don’t know how you know what to say and what to do that makes me feel so safe. It is something that I don’t really care to describe. I am falling but that is okay because I know you are there to save me. I know during these times, you are all I need to make things better. You are the one to show me that together we can stand tall and  leave the pain and dreary past behind us. Together we can and DO accomplish anything. You are on my side and I am on yours. Thank you for saving me.


I watch the world around me and think that the problems are too big to handle. I can’t get control. I watch as everything goes downhill and yet as long as you are my friend through all of this chaos, I know I can get through. I know you are going to be there holding my hand and shielding me from the pain I cannot deal with. You mention I am strong again, and yet, I cannot believe it. No matter how crazy the world makes me, you are there, reassuring me that I am not crazy; the world is crazy. I just have to learn to live in it and realize that not everything is my fault. You are my kryptonite.

How do I Live

I don’t know what I would do if something happened to my son. This is our song but even though it is meant to be a love song between a man and a woman, it fit perfectly the night I gave birth to my one and only child. You are the only person who understands this and can see how much these words can relate to my child. Then you want what I want. To feel the love of a parent and child that only exists when the love is unconditional. This unconditional love is what makes you able to not only understand the love between a child and parent, but it is also the unconditional love that you feel for me and admire me so much for that brings me back from the brink of crying. You take my happiness and accelerate it by understanding it. I used to say “How Do I Live” without my son but now, I can say the same thing about you. I say this because you want what I want. Having the same wants is what will sustain our love until we are sitting on the porch grey haired and feeble but NEVER forgetting the feelings and memories we have shared over the years.

Final Note

As I edited this post, reviewing and revising until I felt like I made sense and hopefully will add to others lives, I realized an important vision. My vision is to have all of these friends in one person. As I stated in the beginning of my post, each of my friends has affected me in some way described underneath each song. I SEEK & YEARN for more. This might sound selfish of me, but I want that person who can fill all of these roles and more importantly, WANTS to fulfill these roles. They will want to for the same reason that I will want to fulfill all of these roles for them – It leads to what I consider the perfect relationship you can have. There will always be ups and downs (we are all human) but when push comes to shove, these songs remind us of our true love and the place we know we belong – IN EACH OTHERS ARMS


~ Holley Jacobs


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