9 Ways of Viewing Nature


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I figured that since yesterday was “A List of Some Kind Wednesday” I would discuss nature. I apologize for not getting it out sooner but my step daughter flew in to watch me walk in my Master’s graduation this weekend. So it has been so hectic; none the less, I hope you enjoy this post. I decided to get creative (one thing that I do when I have insomnia) and make four videos, will offer 4 poems about nature, as well as my take on nature.

Let’s start with me. I love Spring and Fall the most. They are the best seasons for my physical ailments. Spring and Fall are also the prettiest times of the year. I am getting “Spring Fever” so I decided to find some public domain pictures, create digital art out of them and then put them on YouTube to share on my blog. I didn’t realize how much work I was setting myself up for but honestly, I had a blast. I love being creative and Spring and Fall help me to be more creative. I love the smell of spring flowers. Where I live, there is a place called the Sunken Gardens (maybe I’ll post some of my pictures I took there soon) that is the most amazing place to see so many flowers  in one place. There is also a koi pond there which is so serene. I love koi fish, indeed, I have one tattooed on my forearm. They swim upstream to mate and I always found that interesting in that they work hard to “meet the right partner” if you will.

I love all kinds of flowers in the Spring but Fall is great too. I love watching the tree leaves turn all different colors. That is the one thing I really miss about moving away from home. I am originally from VA and we would go camping every year to the Blue Ridge Mountains to watch the trees change colors. That is when I discovered my insatiable desire to take photographs. The smell of clean air and the faints noises of many different animals was so pleasing. There is no way someone can go take a ride in the Blue Ridge Mountains and not be happy. These mountains are truly a gift from above and if you have never made it to the Blue Ridge Mountains, you have to put that on your bucket list. (AAAHHH!! Another post idea).

Finally, I could not pick out a few pictures to make just one video so you end up with four. However, I found some great public domain poems about nature that I fell in love with as the poems brought back such grand visuals of days of ole for me.


With a turn of his magical rod,
That extended and suddenly shone,
From the round of his glory some god
Looks forth and is gone.
To the summit of heaven the clouds
Are rolling aloft like steam;
There’s a break in their infinite shrouds,
And below it a gleam.
O’er the drift of the river a whiff
Comes out from the blossoming shore;
And the meadows are greening, as if
They never were green before.
The islands are kindled with gold
And russet and emerald dye;
And the interval waters outrolled
Are more blue than the sky.
From my feet to the heart of the hills
The spirits of May intervene,
And a vapor of azure distills
Like a breath on the opaline green.
Only a moment!—and then
The chill and the shadow decline,
On the eyes of rejuvenate men
That were wide and divine.

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