A Happy Autism Mom

My personal philosophy on being a happy Autism mom is to reject the implicit assumptions in the options that seem laid out for us.

Option 1 

Your child “recovers” from Autism and you become happy.

Option 2 

Your child stays autistic and your family’s life is ruined.

Another Option (Mine) 

You can have a child with Autism and be the happiest person in the world.


I’m am so glad I opened my heart, mind, and soul to my son with Autism. He is the light of my life and has taught me more than many learn in a lifetime.

Side note – Please join Jacob and me as we blog together on Overcoming Autism. It is a laid back blog that we started as a project to document a therapy he was trying. Therapy was a no-go but the blog remains as he and I tackle this world together!


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