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Cup Of Tranquil Thursdays

So, I had the worst possible day yesterday (Thursday) and allowed it to affect most of the day and even bled into today. I thought long and hard about the problem(s) I was experiencing to come up with a solution that would work for everyone involved. It was tough coming up with one, though. I have spent all today trying to undo mistakes made and learn more about myself and life in general.

Though I do not have a 100% complete grasp on yet, I am trying my best to learn all the in’s and out’s that this platform has to offer. I was not happy about a few ways that my information is shared on my blog. I have taken measures to learn about not just be reading the informational sections of the program but to take some of the advice I have read on other blogs to help me stand out on this platform.

One such piece of advice is to have regular specific posts each week that my followers can look forward to each Thursday. So, today, I name Thursday’s on this blog:

Tranquil Thursday

Tranquil Thursday's Creation

“Those who possess the capacity to not care about the praises or fault finders will already have tranquility in their heart.”



These posts will be published each Thursday morning to remind me (and maybe even you) to have a GREAT Thursday no matter what may not go our way that day. The post will offer a beautiful tranquil GIF file, a tranquility quote, and short Sound Cloud embed with tranquil music to hear as you view the tranquil GIF provided.

Take this time to relax, view the beautiful picture, listen to the sounds of tranquility and nature, be one with your inner self for just a few minutes on Thursday mornings and you will have a better day.

I know I will! This is my solution to a crazy day that I won’t forget as it taught me a lot of things about myself, others, and the world in general.

I hope you will join me every Thursday morning for a “Cup of Tranquility”.


~ Holley Jacobs


2 thoughts on “Cup Of Tranquil Thursdays”

    1. I am so sorry for the late reply. I am very proficient on other blogging platforms but this WordPress platform has my head spinning. I hope you will understand and am happy to hear that you like the idea of Tranquil Thursdays. I just posted the most recent for today and especially like the quote that attends the picture and the tranquil short Soundcloud embed. I hope you will like today’s post as well. I look forward to becoming more involved in the WordPress community once I can establish my blog presence here. Thanks again!
      ~ Holley


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