Does Anyone or Everyone Volunteer?

Volunteers Are Great

Who Volunteers?

Everybody knows that there are three bodies in every organization: SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, and NOBODY!

ANYBODY knows that there is work for EVERYBODY but when we need volunteers we say, “ANYBODY can do it” and EVERYBODY thinks SOMEBODY will but NOBODY does!

Then SOMEBODY decided that since ANYBODY can but NOBODY did, SOMEBODY should, do he/she volunteers.

When EVERYBODY sees SOMEBODY doing what ANYBODY can do, but NOBODY did…EVERYBODY gladly lends a hand, and it is soon done.

This shows that ANYBODY can change from a NOBODY into a SOMEBODY and please EVERYBODY.

~ Phantom Philosopher, 1993 from the desk of BAW

Side Note – When I started volunteering over 15 years ago, this was the first piece of paper I received from the nonprofit training I received. I have kept it ever since close to my heart to always remind me of just how important volunteers are and the impact that nonprofit organizations have had on my family.



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