Okay I Took A Breath

Geez….Enough Already

So, although this blog is about anything and everything I muse about, I still need some kind of structure.


Cause my ADHD says so, unfortunately, or fortunately, however, you want to look at it. I thought long and hard about what kind of structure to give this blog. I design websites for a living; for Pete’s sake, surely, I could come up with something, right?

Picture of a girl with a pencil in her lips
Thinking of Pointless Link Friday

Well, it was difficult to make the decisions that I hope will not only satisfy my NEED to have this blog but to also satisfy my follower’s desire to return every day. After the issues I have had this morning on the aesthetics of the blog, I decided that Friday is “Pointless Links Friday”. I really did have a really great post (in my opinion) that I was going to write but now, all of that energy was drained by earlier problems this morning.

There are some really silly, funny, and TOTALLY pointless websites out there! I find relief in these sites during times like this when my creativity is overtaken by technical stuff. So, ladies and gents, I give you the first of many “Pointless Links” that you may find a need for too. If not, that is okay, pass the links to a friend who might just find a use for them.

The first two links I will share calm me down when my feathers are ruffled. The super duper blog post I had planned will have to wait.


~ Holley

Relaxing Mediation. Chill Out.

Lava Lamp – Retro Lamp with Lava Simulation.

The Perfectionist

I have been working on this theme for over a week trying to get it to as close to perfection as I can but I am having a really hard time with it. Yes, I am an anal perfectionist which you would figure out anyway by reading my musings. I like that it has a large sidebar that shows 2 videos, 2 quotes, 2 links, 2 asides, etc. I really like the way that looks. Another benefit is this blog is set up to be a group blog if wanted.

This blog is a place just for me to say whatever is on my mind and also allow others to blog their own musings that might not particularly meet their original blogs theme. I love hearing other  peoples’ stories. Every time I try to set this theme up in a certain way and use its functions to my advantage, I screw up somehow. I really love this theme and don’t want to change but I am currently at my wit’s end……

Breathe Holley Breathe!