What Should Be A Simple Task

I have been working on this website for over two weeks. I have poured my

Heart, Soul, and Mind

into each facet of not only the look and feel of the site but providing interesting content that other bloggers will want to know more about. However, just when I think I have it all covered and I am actually making significant progress on Musings Of An Insomniac features, layout, and most importantly content, something else rears its ugly head in order to cause me a delay in being more interactive in the WordPress Community.

Most recently, I don’t know what I did wrong but I scheduled a post to be published later on this morning, but it was published almost immediately. I have read how to schedule posts and implemented what I learned into a few scheduled blog posts. Now I am concerned that the other scheduled blog posts will also immediately publish themselves before the time I have scheduled them.

I have experience in several other blog/website platforms including Weebly, Google Sites, Bravenet, Blogger, Tumblr, as well as many others social media sites. I have never had so much trouble with any other platform. That’s okay, though, I WILL WIN in the end! Yes, indeed!


in the end! Yes, indeed!



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