Creative Awesomeness Saturday


If you have taken a look at my blog, you will notice that due to my ADHD, I needed to form some type of structure and then add my “ah-ha” musings for between the routine posts.

So each day, I have designed a post around a particular subject and type of post. However, I have struggled  with Saturday’s theme.


I have found what I hope to become a favorite for Saturdays. They will be called:

“Creative Awesomeness Saturdays”

This means anything goes. I find art and creativity in absolutely everything I see and everyone I come in contact with. I do not know why but I am obsessed with the artistic value of life itself.

You will never know where and what kind of creative art I will host on Saturdays. Heck, neither do I, but I do know that you might want to stick around and join me on this journey as well.


~ Holley Jacobs

60 Sentiments a Good Lover Does

a quote about love

Start off by doing this for her.

  1. Touch her waist.
  2. Actually, talk to her.
  3. Kiss her slowly.
  4. Share a secret with her.
  5. Give her one of your hoodies.

Quotes about Love

Are you paying attention?

  1. Hold her tight.
  2. Make her smile.
  3. Invite her to go somewhere with you.
  4. Let her hang out with you and your friends.
  5. Give her a great big hug.

A quote about love

Keep Reading. There is plenty more.

  1. Laugh with her.
  2. Take pictures with her.
  3. Pull her onto your lap.
  4. When she says she loves you more, say “No, I love you more.”
  5. Let her know when she does something you find cute.

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