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60 Sentiments a Good Lover Does

a quote about love

Start off by doing this for her.

  1. Touch her waist.
  2. Actually, talk to her.
  3. Kiss her slowly.
  4. Share a secret with her.
  5. Give her one of your hoodies.

Quotes about Love

Are you paying attention?

  1. Hold her tight.
  2. Make her smile.
  3. Invite her to go somewhere with you.
  4. Let her hang out with you and your friends.
  5. Give her a great big hug.

A quote about love

Keep Reading. There is plenty more.

  1. Laugh with her.
  2. Take pictures with her.
  3. Pull her onto your lap.
  4. When she says she loves you more, say “No, I love you more.”
  5. Let her know when she does something you find cute.

a quote about love

Are you thinking about that special gal?

  1. Always hug and kiss her when you first see her.
  2. Kiss her unexpectedly.
  3. Tell her how pretty she looks when she is in her pajamas.
  4. Walk up and hug her around the waist.
  5. Share your feelings with her.

a quote about love

Some ideas to show her you really care.

  1. Always open doors for her because it lets her know you are a gentleman.
  2. Tell her she is your EVERYTHING.
  3. If it seems that something is bothering her, ask her – if she says no – give her a hug instead.
  4. Make her feel protected by walking her to her car.
  5. Kiss her in front of other people.

a quote about love

Important things to NEVER do.

  1. Don’t lie to her.
  2. Don’t hang up the phone on her.
  3. Don’t cheat on her.
  4. Don’t act jealous about other guys – after all; she is going home with you.
  5. Don’t talk to other people when you are on the phone with her.

a quote about love

Are you still reading? You better because it is important.

  1. Hold her close when she is close so she can hold you too.
  2. Sometimes she does like to be tickled even when she says otherwise.
  3. Kiss her on the cheek to hint to her that you want a big kiss on the lips.
  4. When you go to the movies, put your arm around her – she will automatically put her head on your shoulder.
  5. Never tell her to leave or that you are leaving – parting on a bad note is the worst.

a quote about love

Remember these things next time you are with her.

  1. Take up for her above EVERYONE else.
  2. Look deep into her eyes before you kiss her passionately.
  3. Lay down under the stars and pull her close so she puts her head on your chest.
  4. When you are walking together, ALWAYS grab her hand first.
  5. When you give her a hug, hold on tight for an extra 30 seconds to let her know you missed her.

a quote about love

Keep these ideas in mind.

  1. Call and text her to wish her sweet dreams every night.
  2. Comfort her when she is upset and wipe away her tears.
  3. Take her for long walks at night.
  4. Remind her that you love her unconditionally when she is stubborn.
  5. Sit on top of her, bend down and lightly kiss her on the forehead.

a quote about love

I hope you are paying attention because there is more.

  1. If she comes to you hysterically upset, automatically ask her “Who’s ass am I kicking?” – it will make her smile.
  2. Write words on her back lightly with your fingers because it feels good.
  3. Let her sit on your lap.
  4. Don’t poke her hard – she will smile if you poke her softly, though.
  5. Even if she looks bad one day – that is when she needs you to tell her how beautiful she is.

a quote about love

Sweet and cute things to do with or to her.

  1. Keep the conversation going all night now and then.
  2. If her hair falls in her face, move it out of her face and then kiss her deeply and gently.
  3. Sneak up and hug her from behind surprisingly – she will smile and giggle.
  4. Kiss her in the rain.
  5. Watch The Notebook with her whenever she wants.

a quote about love

Final thoughts on making the best of your relationship.

  1. Slow dance in the bedroom to candlelight at midnight.
  2. Gently bite her on the neck – it turns her on.
  3. Send her a “love email” to brighten her day.
  4. Call or text her each morning and tell her to have a good day and how much you already miss her.
  5. ALWAYS be there when she needs you and even when she doesn’t, and you will be well on your way to a passionate, loving, mature, and forever love.


~Holley Jacobs


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