Creative Awesomeness Saturday


If you have taken a look at my blog, you will notice that due to my ADHD, I needed to form some type of structure and then add my “ah-ha” musings for between the routine posts.

So each day, I have designed a post around a particular subject and type of post. However, I have struggled  with Saturday’s theme.


I have found what I hope to become a favorite for Saturdays. They will be called:

“Creative Awesomeness Saturdays”

This means anything goes. I find art and creativity in absolutely everything I see and everyone I come in contact with. I do not know why but I am obsessed with the artistic value of life itself.

You will never know where and what kind of creative art I will host on Saturdays. Heck, neither do I, but I do know that you might want to stick around and join me on this journey as well.


~ Holley Jacobs


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