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Daniel Kim – Gifted On Many Levels

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Daniel Kim is one of the most talented and creative people I have found on the internet. If you have not had the pleasure to view his work, you are in for an amazing ride. He is a Korean-Canadian from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and has made a name for himself by creating the most amazing music mashups on YouTube. He has created a mashup of the most popular pop songs and shared them on YouTube since 2010. My personal favorite is from 2010 although his talent has only increased as the years have gone by.

Although he has many talents and plays many roles in his life, I most enjoy his famous Pop Danthology series. You can find his other work on his website as I am sure you will be interested in his other work once you view the crazy videos that I will shortly be sharing with you. Daniel’s YouTube Channel also offers insight into other projects that he is engaged in so far for such a young man.

Early on in life, Daniel discovered he was very sensitive and had many talents. He is full of intense emotions that drive his ambition to succeed in all endeavors of his personal and professional career. Some of the joys he takes part in include making playlists, being a mathemusician, obsessive songwriter, as well as “must be perfect” photographer. He has traveled all over the world and has many pictures of his travels on his website including places such as:

  1. Iceland
  2. Namibia
  3. South Africa
  4. Singapore
  5. Malaysia
  6. China
  7. Cambodia
  8. Vietnam
  9. Indonesia
  10. South Korea
  11. Thailand
  12. India
  13. France
  14. The Netherlands
  15. Greece
  16. Croatia
  17. Italy
  18. Switzerland
  19. Egypt

Daniel Kim Blog Post for Creative Awesomeness Saturday

Daniel Kim has obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD) which he attributes to part of his talent and success. OCPD is a condition “characterized by the anxiety of one’s own emotions and addiction to negativity”. The cause of OCPD is one in which people are born with and exists in a highly sensitive nervous system. Symptoms of OCPD include:

  1. Thinkaholism – “I need to figure out how to be ok or else I will not be ok.”
  2. Workaholism – “I am not good enough as a person.” “I need to create my value.” “My future will not be okay unless I work as hard as I can now.”
  3. Perfectionism, Anger, Guilt – “My high standards must be met or else thinks will not be ok.”
  4. Regret, Restlessness, Indecisiveness – “I am worse of because of the things that I have and have not chosen to do.”
  5. Resentment, Unforgiveness – “I am worse off because of the way he/she/they treated me.”
  6. Isolation,  Inability to Delegate – “It is better to be safe by myself than to get hurt and rejected by others.”
  7. Miserliness, Hoarding – “I will not have enough for myself in the future unless I save now.”
  8. Purposelessness, Idleness  – “There is no purpose/point in life.”
  9. Hopelessness – “There is nothing I can do.” “I am powerless.”
  10. Antinatalism – “Life sucks.” “Life is not worth living.”
  11. Misotheism – “There is no such thing as good.” “There is no God.” **Source

You can visit his site for more information on how he has handled this major part of his life and the insights he brings to the subject. They are intriguing to read about, especially for me and you may also find out some things about yourself by reading this part of his website.

I, however, now, present you with the CREATIVE AWESOMENESS that Daniel Kim has allowed the world to see and share with him. I am grateful for his work as he is a huge inspiration in my life and my creative works. I am always a work in progress but certainly strive to someday, create such masterpieces as Daniel Kim. Please take the time to watch each of these videos as you, too , will be amazed at the talent he has and if a creative person, will no doubt find inspiration in his work as well.

I have many creative outlets as well which you can find on my Portfolio website if you wish. I hope that you will find some time and view some of the creative works I have designed over the years. I, as Daniel Kim, am self-taught in many of these areas and personally, am quite proud of what I have been able to accomplish in a short time considering my history.

Now, the first installment of CREATIVE AWESOMENESS SATURDAY – Daniel Kim – Pop Danthology.







I would like to say that I delivered on my promise to bring you some of the most creative awesomeness I have found on the internet. Please leave any comments, thoughts, musings, etc in the comments section. After viewing Daniel Kim’s work on Pop Danthology, you certainly must have an opinion or two.


~Holley Jacobs


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