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Gratitude Matters

Expressing gratitude is a vital piece of the puzzle when it involves a way of life. Without it, you’re stuck. There are a lot of ways in which you can mention many thanks, none of that is wrong. The necessary factor is that you simply do say give thanks for which you’re feeling deep in your heart. Gratitude isn’t simply thanking your mother helping you with up the children, or your husband for getting rid of the trash, though these are necessary.

What I mean is, yes thanking people is necessary to show those around you for the favors they participate in that you’re grateful for. Many thanks go a long way.

Once you begin to be grateful for the all the small things including the vast things, in life you’ll start to envision a shift in virtue of you may be blessed with additional things to be grateful for. Another nice perk to daily gratitude is that you are directly devoting yourself to this stuff you are grateful for and fewer on that stuff you aren’t. This one habit alone will improve the standard of your life.

Here are some suggestions on ways in which you’ll be glad in your way of life.


Gratitude List

Gratitude List for Feel Good Sundays

Creating a gratitude list does not have to be exhausting, and it’ll cause you to appreciative for what you’ve got. It is quite straightforward and also, the advantages are immeasurable. It will assist you in many various ways in which you can keep keeping you centered on the nice in life instead of the unpleasant. It will increase the influence of your affirmations and reduce depression. A gratitude list will improve your overall well-being among several alternative positive ideas. After you build a gratitude list, you’ll notice an increased development in your life. It’s almost like a bucket list which we all have, at some point, considered and even created.

It is a positive plan to sit by sitting down and create an inventory of least fifty things you are grateful for. Don’t be concerned; you do not need to try this all at only once. You’ll begin the list and return to it as you think that of recent things to include. This list can simply be the beginning for you to start out growing in the direction of gratitude.

Here is the start of my gratitude list in no particular order.

My Gratitude List:

  1. A roof over my head because as I walk around Lincoln, Nebraska and see so many who have none and live in the snow, rain, and heat
  2. My education which has changed my outlook on life
  3. My vision which I was told over 15 years ago, I might lose.
  4. My creativity which has only surfaced in the past five years
  5. My friends who supported me in all that I have accomplished
  6. My family (you know who you are) who kept me going even during the rough patches
  7. Wonderful memories of my grandmother I gained when she lived with me the last few years of her life
  8. My ability to design websites as it brings me joy and challenges.
  9. The domestic violence nonprofit, Empowerhouse
  10. WISP  for helping my obtain my Bachelor’s degree
  11. My health – which used to be much worse than it is now
  12. My life as it can be taken away in an instant
  13. Wisdom gained by spending time with elderly people
  14. Working as a nurse which helped me increase my compassion and concern for others
  15. “Paying it forward” which gives me great feelings all over
  16. Ms. Buffett whom without, would have made going back to school much harder
  17. God for being there always
  18. Many of my Professors at Kaplan University, who inspired me along, my educational journey
  19. My online friends at Kaplan University and the relationships built from there
  20. My car because it enables me to take my family to the doctor’s, so we all stay healthy
  21. Living in the United States of America that affords me so many advantages
  22. My ability to see artistic value in every aspect of life.
  23. My resourcefulness abilities
  24. My perseverance in the face of adversity
  25. My spiritual journey over the years
  26. Food that I get to eat every day while others suffer in famine
  27. The opportunity to network with other people
  28. My obsessiveness about being a life-long learner
  29. My faults as they make me who I am even while I work to become a better person
  30. The trials and tribulations that have been laid down before me
  31. Being a domestic violence SURVIVOR!
  32. My digital art as it gives me an amazing outlet to be creative
  33. Upcoming projects I have in the works so that my mind stays sharp
  34. That my son will be attending college even though there were those who doubted due to his Autism
  35. My music which is enfolded in every part of my being
  36. My internet service and technology available to us with which out, NONE of my accomplishments would be possible
  37. Dr. Sheldon Cooper – BAZINGA! If you know me personally, you will understand this 100%
  38. My honesty and loyalty to all of those whom I love and adore
  39. The men and women who protect our country every day so that my son and I can live in peace
  40. Going to church as a youth and young adult
  41. My animals, each and everyone, serves a personal purpose to me
  42. My hairdresser, Stefanie Vocasek who makes me feel beautiful every time we meet
  43. My love of photography and wanting to perfect this hobby
  44. My desire to learn how to paint on canvas and not just in the digital world
  45. My drive and determination to succeed at everything I attempt to accomplish
  46. My 4.0 GPA that I received my Master’s Degree
  47. Spring and Fall – my two favorite seasons
  48. All of my tattoos that tell my life story and inspire my first blog ever attempted (and no, I will not regret them when I am old)
  49. The trip to Europe that I took as a teenager to which ever since has fueled a fire in me to travel someday this planet and see remarkable and beautiful places which I also blog about on Beautiful World Bucket List.
  50. MY PASSION AND GOALS – which without, none of what I do would be possible

Now it’s time for you to create your gratitude list. Once your gratitude list finished your list, ensure you set it somewhere you’ll see it each day. You could attach it up to your table or closet. You decide. This list can be simply the primary step in being grateful. Remember to write down the items you’re grateful for in your journal on a daily basis. If you are doing this, your whole world can be enhanced for the better.


The Art of Being Grateful

The Art of Being Grateful

The word of gratitude is that the most powerful words of all. So, if you are not adopting them, then you would possibly need to rethink it. Gratitude and giving thanks are the foremost vital things you will do for yourself.

Get a lot of what you would like by being appreciative for what you have already got. It’s very straightforward. Being grateful for the items in your life that you simply are most grateful for brings a lot of identical back to you. Grumbling regarding the things in your life that you simply do not life brings a lot of that stuff to you.

Focusing on what you have got that you are grateful for additionally decreases depression and will increase one’s overall well-being. Others can provide you with a lot of what you would like. If you create a point of thanking people who do you a favor, go out of their way to be nice, or simply do one thing you prefer, they will try and do it once more if they realize it was appreciated.

THE TRUTH: Everyone needs to be liked, and they are continually seeking approval, whether or not they admit it or not. We all like to be recognized, and an easy gesture showing thanks provides a warm fuzzy feeling that’s addictive; not just for them, however, you similarly.

The a lot of you convey for the higher you’ll feel. The a lot of some other person thanks you, the a lot of you wish them to many thanks. Therefore, you may exit of your thanks to getting that many thanks once more. Strive it and you will see.

Words of feeling and also the law of attraction by being glad for what you do not have nonetheless opens you up to receive it. After you wish one thing, the straightforward act of being happy for it’ll bring it nearer to you. If you wish a replacement automobile that you simply do not already possess, and you say many thanks for that new automobile then your spirit and also the universe begin to figure overtime to urge it as a result of if you’re grateful for it then you want to receive it, so your feeling is consistent. I understand this can be a tough one to wrap your mind around, however, trust it. If somebody says they’re grateful for one thing, and you assume that they have already got it, right? Additionally, you begin to believe you have already got it after you square measure glad for it and is not that what the law of attraction teaches North American country. If you think you’ll receive it, then you will.

Healing previous wounds by giving thanks for what you learned from the expertise is essential to having gratitude. You do not need to be grateful for the awful things that have happened to you; however, you’ll have recognition for what might have become of this stuff. Doing this could assist you in beginning start to heal previous wounds. As most people understand, holding onto this stuff will exclusively hurt everyone involved also. Everyone is continuously talking about letting go; however, most people do not know the way to try this. Here are some examples.

  1. You don’t have to be thankful you were in an abusive marriage, but you can be thankful for the child you receive from that relationship.
  2. You don’t have to be thankful you receive a bad grade on a project, but you can be thankful for the lesson you learned on how to create a better one next time.
  3. You don’t have to be grateful for the virus your computer got, but you can be thankful that you were able to backup important files and pictures safely.
  4. You don’t have to be grateful that your body hurts when it rains, but you can be thankful for the rainbow that comes after the storm.
  5. You don’t have to be grateful that you have had nine miscarriages, but you can be thankful for the one pregnancy that resulted in an amazing child for you to love and adore forever.


Expressing Gratitude by Volunteering

Expressing Gratitude for Feel Good Sunday

Volunteering can in and of itself be an amazing way to express gratitude. Have you ever used the services of a nonprofit organization? If you have, you should be grateful that those services were available. We all experience hard times at some point in our lives. Many times it is nonprofit organizations that come to our rescue.

Once you are back on your feet, “paying it forward” makes all the difference in the world in showing your gratitude. You don’t have to have a ton of money to donate, just a small amount of time in your life will suffice. Simple things like holding a door for someone or smiling at someone as you walk by them are examples of expressing gratitude by paying it forward. You never know what that person has been through that particular day, and your kind gesture has the potential of “paying it forward” for that person.

Volunteering does not require a large amount of time in your day or week. Most of us are on some social media outlet. Volunteering is an excellent way to show your gratitude. You can share an inspiring quote or a funny story that happened to you. I have done this more times than I can count and have received positive feedback from those within my network simply stating “Thank you, I needed to hear that today.” You can take volunteering to much higher levels if you wish. The point here is that volunteering does not require a huge amount of effort as many people think.

If you have a website, you can also put widgets on the site that take 10 minutes to configure but can raise money for your favorite nonprofit or even rotating which nonprofits by using Razoo. You can see my examples and the money I have raised by taking the time to place this widget on my website.


Self-Reflection and Gratitude

Self-Reflection and Gratitude Picture for Feel Good Sunday

Another way to show gratitude is by using self-reflection and meditation. I listen to music during this time, typically something calming or whimsical. This habit, in turn, allows me to write openly inspiring notations such as poems or short stories. Another way I use self-reflection to show my gratitude is when I listen to my music, I then become very creative and start producing digital art that decreases stress and puts my mind at ease with the problems I may be experiencing at that time. In turn, this artwork is displayed online for sale to which I then donate all proceeds to nonprofit organizations. This practice is another way of expressing gratitude by “paying it forward’. I am using this blog as another form of self-reflection to show my gratitude for many things in life. You will notice, I share quotes, images, videos, and creative material to show my gratitude for all things artistic in this world.


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