The Road To Me Monday

The Serenity Prayer

Serenity Prayer for The Road to Me Blog PostThere have been some trying times in my life lately. A lot of changes have occurred and things around here are getting complicated. If ever I needed the Serenity prayer, now is the time. I realize that I cannot change others deep down but it is hard when you love someone so much, you just want to make them better. However, from experience, I know that people don’t change with someone else’s help. They change by making a change in their life, their attitude, their habits, their actions, and their words. I have no control over these attributes of another human being. Instead, I need to focus on me and what it is that I need to be doing. I tend to want to “fix” other people’s problems for them. This is self-destructive to me and them. It serves no purpose. Therefore, from here on out, I will attempt to remember this prayer as I go about the next few weeks which are only going to complicate life further. As I have stated, I am a work in progress and as long as I make progress each day, if even a little bit, then I conclude that my goals are being achieved. And, that, my friends is what life is all about.


~ Holley Jacobs


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