Featured Pic for Creative Awesomeness Saturday

Creative Awesomeness Pinterest Boards


I am an avid fan of Pinterest and have been a user on Pinterest since it was still in beta. I have two Pinterest accounts – one for my Internet Marketing business and one for my Decoration and Design Donation Art business. I have recently decided that it was time to review my boards and revamp ones that are not interesting to others. I have over 1.7K followers so I have done pretty well but still, there are dormant boards that need to be eliminated. As I was  searching my boards and monitoring my analytics, I came across today’s

Creative Awesomeness Saturday Examples

There are some boards that I just will never delete regardless of their performance because I personally find them very creative and totally awesome. These Pinterest boards are my favorite boards that show creative awesomeness from all over the internet. I hope you find them as enjoyable as I do. Please, I encourage you to add your favorite creative Pinterest boards in the comments section below. I am ALWAYS on the lookout for creative awesomeness in any and all formats. If your “idea” of creative awesomeness is not the art I have displayed, my all means, please share. That would be great!

I will leave you with a great video that goes along with the last board. He is an amazingly creative artist, in my opinion.



~Holley Jacobs


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