Tattoos For Autism Acceptance

Here is a memory from my Facebook profile from April 17th, 2013 in which I was included in an Autism Awareness article that discussed moms who have Autism tattoos and the story behind the tattoo. I am so proud of being accepted for this article. My son, Jacob and my story behind Autism remains the same and we raise awareness BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY,


all year long. Please reblog this to help our mission on making sure that all of those affected by Autism are ACCEPTED for who they are and not defined by their diagnosis. Also, check out our Overcoming Autism Facebook Page where we share uplifting stories about people who have Autism, those who help and empower people with Autism, and communities that recognize that Autism needs to be addressed.


~ Holley Jacobs and Jacob Klein

7 Powerful Mind Success Methods

Building business and personal relationships could be a fantastic and demanding practice. You’ll awaken an elated beginning to your day and lay your head down in bed feeling powerful and peaceful once you are successful in these areas. The key to success is to keep up an active, affirmative attitude that you can maintain.

Easier said than done, right? Here are seven keys to benefit you while you construct and sustain a positive mental attitude, therefore attaining the success you crave in life both professionally and personally.

Positive People In Your Life

1. Surround yourself with productive and positive individuals. The influence that people have over our personal energy is incredible. Moods and attitudes are therefore efficiently advanced.  Believe in how much of a distinction that a natural smile from a stranger will make your day and then enhance it one thousand times to demonstrate the ability of a positive and prosperous attitude. Once you have individuals around you who inspire you, trust in you and wish for you to succeed, there’s no space for doubts and even if they sneak up on you, they’re quickly removed from your head.

Create The Perfect Mantra
2. Create a mantra or several affirmations. Your personal mantra can be one word, one sentence, or a whole paragraph. Continuous positive affirmations have been shown to see people through tough times and facilitate them in actually believing in what they want to express.

For example, “I am building a robust and profitable business.” Several of the biggest reputable business professionals have used a constant affirmation strategy to realize their success. While searching out the proper affirmations for you, think about writing a fast list of your doubts, insecurities, and complaints. These will then can quickly become assertions.

My personal mantra is as follows:

“Service learning is both science and art. It is both sides of the brain working together to foster creative ideas. Service learning involves cultivating the innocent, responsive minds of children who are our future so that they become honest, productive, responsible adults. There are essential values that must be upheld to be a mentor to a child. These values are the backbone of my soul, mind, and body. It is an integrated part of my being of which I strive to implement such values into the minds of others”

Another shorter example you might us could be; if you write that you’re continuously feeling chaotic then your affirmation would be, “I am organized and on top of things.” Repeat your affirmations many times daily and feel the impact of positive thinking.

Positive Thinking
3. Capture negative thoughts and replace them with the power of positive thinking. We tend to all have negative thoughts at times, but, too much negativity will derail us and stop us from achieving all that we want in life. In fact, catching those negative thoughts takes observation and persistence. Once you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, find ways to turn them into positive affirmations. Your personal mantra comes in handy during these times. The affirmations mentioned above are an excellent way to change the negative into the positive. You’ll additionally realize instantly and choose a better solution sort of like a favorite song, a walk outside in the crisp air, or some exercise to improve your mood.

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Resilient People

Resilience…can be learned but it can’t be taught.

Paroadoxically, if you teach someone ‘the rules’ for being resilient, and they attempt to follow them, they cannot become resilient.

Resilient people are not rule bound. Instead, they deal with each situation with a flexible approach that allows them to choose the most resourceful way to be or behave in that situation.

They respond to the world based on the outcomes they want, rather than on whatever rules they were taught by parents, teachers, friends, the media, and the general culture.

~ Bill Harris from Thresholds of the Mind