Seoul Korea Time Lapse Video

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~Holley Jacobs

A Little Of Each Other

The Road To Me Monday Blog Post

As we all have to travel our unique journey, it would not be as exciting, fun, amusing, and encouraging if we went alone all the time. We may walk that path alone, but I bring so many people that have touched my life with me every step of the way. Just as we are all able to choose the different paths we walk, we all get to choose who we take with us and who we leave behind. I have some people that I have left behind because they were toxic to my path, and I realized that early enough so as it did not make a difference in the outcome of my choices. My path is mine and mine alone. Therefore, I get to choose who comes along for the ride in my head, heart, and soul. I have been fortunate enough over the years to know who is toxic and who is helpful. This comes with age, wisdom, and experience. It also comes with making mistakes. That is a significant milestone for any of us to reach.


~ Holley Jacobs