Featured Pic for Creative Awesomeness Saturday

Painted Pregnant Bellies

So, today is Creative Awesomeness Saturday! This post is being written so late in the day because it holds a very special spot in my heart. I have been going through many emotions during the design of this blog post.

It is with great vulnerability, honesty, pure raw emotion, and feelings from the bottom of my soul that I write this to you. I am a little lost for words as I am trying to show you ALL of the depth of this post but without rambling on like some lunatic. If you follow my blog and like my posts, you know that most of them are published during the day. However, I did not pick “Musings of an Insomniac” for my URL for kicks and giggles. I truly am an insomniac, and most of my writings are done during that time when all of you are fast asleep and cozy in your beds. Therefore, if I published as I wrote, no one but me would ever see or read my musings which, frankly, would suck. I put a lot of hard work, decisions, thoughts, musings, questions, love, creativity, and a piece of me in each post on this blog.

ENOUGH OF THE PITY PARTY! Okay, these creative awesomeness works of art are the brain child of Daizy Designs. She does mostly face painting art for children’s events, etc. She is a talented artist with the creations she makes on children’s faces. However, on her website, the only “odd ‘woman’ out” are the gorgeous painted pregnant bellies you see in the gallery I have created. What a unique and creative way to capture a moment in a woman’s life when her body doesn’t belong to her any longer and yet, it is the most natural and loving thing that a woman goes through? We can never recapture the feelings of having our child move all around and kick us in the ribs so for Daizy Designs to offer women a “piece of her life” that she will never forget and always think so lovingly about when she looks at these pictures is very emotional and amazing to me.

Daizy takes about an hour to create the masterpieces you see below. She offers her services in her studio or the comfort of the woman’s home. She also provides ideas of what to paint if needed but speaking as a mother; I am sure that the woman who has this done already know exactly what they want painted on their belly. Ideally, the best time to have the paintings completed is between 6-8 months and include two or three high-quality photographs of mom’s belly. She will offer packages with additional photos or encourages mom’s to have a professional photographer on stand by.

The coolest thing Daizy offers is a progressive belly painting that consists of three paintings throughout the pregnancy to follow a journey unlike any other. There is no set amount of progressive paintings she completes; it is all up to mom (and dad), but she does offer discounts with each sitting.

This is such a touching post for me to finally get through. Each of these woman were given tremendous gifts –  a moment caught in time….how rare….how beautiful…..how hard to capture.

However, my son and I have been caught up in a moment in time. We just spent the last month working side by side raising ACCEPTANCE for Autism since April is Autism Awareness Month. If you have been watching my blog, you surely have seen my references to Autism. I must admit two things.

This has been the most exhausting month I have had in YEARS!! My son and I busted our butts on so many levels, so many mediums, so many social sites,  our blog Overcoming Autism and I have been awake for 6 days now!


I wouldn’t trade one single second of the past month. My son is 18 and one month from graduating from high school. I feel like I am losing him although I knew that this is part of the cycle of life. I am proud of him; don’t get me wrong. But spending this month on this project with him has been the equivalent of me having my belly painted like these blessed mom’s in Daizy Designs photographs

This is how I close the door on a wonderful month with my son, my miracle, my pride. Enjoy this Facebook Post from earlier today:



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