A Video A Day To Make You Feel Good

Feel Good Sunday has been GREAT! I had finally got some sleep and was refreshed when I woke up. I didn’t have anything in particular in mind for today’s theme. I started to have a little anxiety about it but then, I just let my mind wander and stop thinking about all of the negativity in my life currently.

I started randomly searching the internet not knowing where I would end up. That is one of my favorite activities because I ALWAYS am so happy and find some great, touching, funny, and just plain “Feel Good” stuff. I love technology, and I love all people. I am so curious about different cultures that I love talking with diverse people. Some may think that it is strange to be so passionate about other’s cultures but I have such a wonderfully open mind, and I realize how much I would be missing out on if I didn’t embrace ALL people.

I ultimately ended up surfing YouTube. I just clicked whatever looked like it would make me feel good. So, I present you with a collection of videos. I have laughed so hard tears were streaming down my face. I have felt such a feeling of inspiration that I cried again. I have gained new found respect for others situations. Every video in this post is well worth your time. All of them are of average length except one. I BEG of you to PLEASE watch it. You will TRULY be AMAZED!! I sat there with my mouth dropped open and tears pouring down my face in awe of the kindness, resilience, and the strength of the human spirit.

This little fella kept so captivated; I watch a few times just to laugh again. It felt so darn good. He has a future in the entertainment industry for sure. To see such talent and energy coming from such a little soul encouraged me to follow all of my dreams and never give up on anything that I may want to excel at. I guarantee you watch it more than once just to smile again.



This video is truly inspiring and thought provoking. It is a must see as well. Heck, every one of these videos is “must see’s” or they wouldn’t be on this blog. I searched for quite a few hours and only included those that made me feel so good and wish and hope that, first, you take my word and watch each one and second, that you feel great after each one as well. We all trek this earth on our journey, and I find it wonderous how people cross each other’s paths. There is some energy; karma, God, spirits, mother earth..whatever you want to call it but never the less, there is no denying that people are put in your life when you and they need something from each other. I like to think of it as a life lesson. What do you say?



My son, Jacob has been bullied all of his life. I have such admiration for him because he has persevered in the face of such hatred and malice that I know I couldn’t have endured. I am so torn as I try everything I can think of to help him and ease his pain. Bullying is a heartless and hard topic to approach young minds with today. They just don’t have the maturity to see what they are doing and just how much angst they are causing. The permanent damage is already there for my son, but they too will suffer. Maybe not now, or a year from now; but someday when they are grown and have children of their own, they will rethink what they did as children. My hope is that at least makes them teach their children better.

The two young boys in this video are so talented musically. They have such harmony with each other. They feed on each other’s pitch, tone, and emotions that are so strong that I could feel the hairs on my arms standing up. The smaller boy also is bullied at school. However, rather than take the same path as his bullies, he uses rap music to deal with his pain. He wrote the song that they sing in this video. Be warned – you will tear up. I think I felt every emotion known during this video. But in the end, the one feeling I felt the most for this child was “triumph.”  He is going to be just fine and at the same time, he is on national, international television pouring his heart out. He is making a big difference in the lives of our youth already. His future is bright!



I am a total movie junkie! It is one of my favorite things to do. I started collecting VHS tapes way back in the day for those of you who even remember what they are. I gathered quite a collection and then – they came out with DVDs. At first, I stuck with my trusty VHS. DVDs are expensive. However, the VHS’s life span didn’t last much longer, and I was forced to start my collection in DVDs. Well, as many who get excited about new technology, I  was sorry about what I had been missing out on. I would even buy the movies I had on VHS on DVD because of the quality. So, my collection is getting bigger every day. Oh, Lord! Blue Ray! Man, did I fight them? But, yet again, I was hooked when my brother convinced me of the value I was missing out on. You have to understand that when you LOVE watching movies, having them look so great is a head rush.


I think one appeal for me to movies is that I feel a lot of admiration for people who are creative in producing non-fiction types of material. I come from an analytical background being a nurse. I am or at least used to be “all about the facts”. However, I was so pleased when I found my creative side. It is not in writing or acting non-fictional. It is in the abstract digital art. I am self-taught by playing around with many different kinds of software I find online. I don’t take classes nor watch instructional videos in how to be a digital artist. I do what I feel. It comes from within, and it is so powerful. I do have my digital art online but I DON’T do it to make money off of my art. Instead, all of my proceeds are donated to nonprofit organizations that advocate against domestic violence and for Autism Acceptance.

I have gathered over 4,000 movies since I started this hobby, and I can watch a movie over and over if it touches my inner being. The unscripted parts that are shown in this video are ICONIC! Who would have guessed that it was the actors intuitive ability to perform that would become household topics of conversations for years to come.

A great video!





Television is just as great as movies. The best part of television for me are the comedies. There are some very talented TV writers, producers and actors that can make me feel so good; I quickly forget if I had a bad day or not.  Don’t let the “100” scare you. The video is only three minutes long. So, you have to listen well. Have fun!



This video makes me feel so good because it reminds me of “MY STORY.” It makes me remember where I’ve been and just how far I have come in such as short time. I won’t discuss it here because today is ALL about feeling good (plus my story is a little long and complicated). None the less, this video made the cut because it gave me POWER and STRENGTH! And that, my friends, made me feel GREAT! I hope it does the same for you!



This video, although I cried and some may think it is sad; it isn’t. I LOVE my Granny. She lived with me the last three years of her life. I took care of her because she needed help but during those three years, I learned so much from my Granny. Oh, how I miss her. My son was only four at the time but let me tell you; it was magical watching the two of them together. I would get up in the morning and walk past Granny’s room, and there sit Jacob and her in the rented hospital bed pushing the buttons, so the head and feet continuously were going up and down…up and down….up and down…. Jacob loved playing with those buttons, and no matter how much pain it caused her to have him taking up so much space and then squeezing her up like a burrito, she let him get in bed with her EVERY morning! He remembers that vividly, and we talk about it a lot when she comes to our minds.



The wisdom that elderly people have is so abounding that we are fools not to listen. I worked in geriatrics part of my nursing career, and one of my favorite things to do was go in and sit with a resident and just listen. I hope that one day, I can be looked at in such high regard as I did during those times. Life is GREAT!!




I left this one for last for a great reason! If you end up taking a least 20 deep inhales at the most amazing and incredibly brave acts that the people in the video perform for total strangers, well, I just can’t imagine that happening. This one is seven minutes long, but it is so worth watching it to the end. The human mind and heart are full of such love and harmony when you get to the bottom of it. This video proves that over and over again for seven minutes. At first, I will admit I wasn’t going to watch it because of the length. I felt that I wouldn’t be able to share it because none of you want to sit through a seven minute video. However, I couldn’t resist the title. My hope is that you will take my word for it and not be able to resist my pleas either.





Have a FEEL GOOD SUNDAY NIGHT! And I hope that your Monday starts off great as well.


~ Holley


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