Bearded Brutes Creative Awesomeness

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When it comes to surreal art, Mark Leeming has perfected his rendition in this collection called “Bearded Brutes”. What started out as a small selection of glitter-filled beards ended up becoming a success to which Mark explains that:


This capsule collection has lead onto a voyage of self-expression and creativity for both myself & the models themselves. I was able to dig deeper into their influences and persona’s and create some truly visual surreal art.


Mark Leeming had no idea that this small project would end up being showcased in its own feature exhibit at the Kosmonaut in Northern Quarter – Manchester from March 17 – April 10.




Mark sums up the final creation:

Using a mixture of makeup, glitter, creativity & digital painting these vibrant, pop-art, kitsch portraits aim to feed the imagination, inspire the bold & fuel the avant-garde residing in all of us.

You can see more of Mark’s art and videos on My Bearded Brutes Pinterest Board. Enjoy!



~Holley Jacobs

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