The World Is Your Oyster Sunday

Keep your mind of the positive

We all go through some tough times in life; that’s just life; it can’t always be a bed of roses. However, life is what you make it and by staying positive through the bad times as well as the good can make all the difference and gets you through the tough times with a smile.


The bigger question is:


“How can we keep a positive attitude when things are rocky in life?”


Staying upbeat now and then like this can be the final thing on your mind, but it ought to be the first, you need to expect positivist now. The key to maintaining a positive attitude is finding ways to get your problems out of your head while re-energizing your mind. Re-energizing is even more important if you are having an awful day and you are feeling sorry yourself and need to sit down and cry. Here are some fantastic tips for keeping a positive outlook in life no matter what’s going around you.


  • If you find yourself around those that are negative then separate from them, negativity has a way of passing from person to person so don’t let them drag you down with them.


  • Don’t sit in front of the TV for hours at a time; the news is dreadful, to say the least, cop and law enforcement shows feature violence and death, and negativity in some type is found on virtually all of these shows. If you do watch TV, opt for a real program like a nature documentary showing the wondrous world all told its glory or a comedy.


  • Spend as much time as you’ll able to together with your family and treasured ones, do something with each other that you all relish and aim to have a family night a minimum of once every week wherever quality time is happening.


  • In times when you are feeling significantly depressed, and negativity starts to perforate, listen to your favorite upbeat music or repeat notable quotes to yourself to bring back a positive perspective.


  • Take time out daily to do something you simply get pleasure from doing that doesn’t require you to form decisions or choices, something that relaxes you to the fullest.


  • Try doing something that you wouldn’t usually do, something that is altogether not like you and out of character, take up a new hobby or sport that you just would never have thought of doing.


  • Get some exercise; this could be one thing as taking a walk in the outdoors and is completely free or visit the gym or participate in activities like yoga.


  • Set yourself goals to get ahead and once you accomplish a goal give yourself a little reward for doing accomplishing this.


  • Learn techniques that allow you to bring your attention and focus back to the task at hand quickly.


  • Use quotes and blogs you enjoy to instill self-confidence and positive thoughts and feelings throughout the day.


  • Always look for the lessons from bad times, while things may not be what we have a tendency to expect if you look arduous enough you will notice they’re not as bad as they seem to be.


  • Remember that the situation won’t last forever, this is only a short stage you’re facing, and you will bounce back.

The World Is My Oyster

The World Is Your Oyster

You can accomplish whatever you set your mind to, the world is your oyster and by providing you a few simple steps, you can achieve any and all goals you have in life. The key to success is, being committed to achieving what it is you would like, set your mind to taking whatever steps required to accomplish what you wish for and altering your approach. Continue this new path till you achieve what you want. The steps are comparatively straightforward to follow, and changes will be made readily to determine your success in something that you wish to attain in life. Let’s take a closer exploration of these steps.


You should take decisive action and judge precisely what it is you would like to realize in life. Set your goals once you obtain a mindset about what you would like. You ought to practice this with utter conviction and commitment. When you are designing and starting your goal you have to possess a firm belief that you are going to achieve your goal no matter it takes. You should visualize your goal from beginning to end and see yourself making it no matter what obstacles you may face.

Take Whatever Steps Are Required

Once you have decided to go for it and have committed yourself to these measures the subsequent steps are to begin by taking action towards reaching your goal. Taking the first step is the toughest part due to the significance of starting a new journey. It means that going out there and doing what you have dreamed about all your life. Thinking about what you want to do or saying what you want to do is not enough. Facing the unknown and putting your planned arrangements into action is typically where most of the people fail because worry stops many of them from moving forward.

Sticking With It

When you have committed yourself to the ultimate goal(s) and taken the necessary steps to reaching your dream, the reality is that you must possess perseverance and willingness to alter your approach. Till you finally reach your dream goal. Depending on what it is that you are trying to accomplish, things might move slow however it essential that you keep as committed to seeing the project through as once you began. It can help to keep a journal of your project from start to finish, this way you’re able to see how much you have accomplished and keep your mind centered on the result you want to attain.


Life has many unexpected quirks and will throw significant dilemmas at you. Therefore, it’s necessary that you continue pushing yourself through any sudden difficulty that can affect your goal. Once again worry is the main downside and the biggest reason most of the people fail to realize their goals.  Ultimately they give up what they are trying to accomplish. If you admit, defeat to fear it’ll solely continue to place larger obstacles in your way till eventually it overcomes you and you concede. The sky is the limit if you try to set out to accomplish your goals with perseverance and determination to beat something that’s thrown into your path.

Listen To Your Inner Thoughts

Listen to your inner thoughts

We all have feelings concerning things that happen in life; they might be discouraging thoughts and feelings, or they may be active ones. A simple example of being attentive to your inner thoughts is like fitting into a dress for a special night out. You put the dress on and glance at the mirror; you automatically assume wow, I look great or shake your head and select another outfit. Listening to your inner thoughts is the best being attentive to your inner feelings or intuition when it involves making the most efficient decision.
However, we have a tendency to place our inner thoughts on practical uses in our everyday life. If we decide to open up and tune into them, inner thoughts can be quite useful. Our inner thoughts can facilitate us to succeed in life, become more assured and live a happier, more productive and fulfilling life.


You are the foremost valuable resource you have in life when it involves making the correct decisions and the right choices. You automatically recognize if something’s good or bad and find the simplest results just by listening to your intuition as it very seldom lets us down.


Channeling into your intuition is easy and here are some straightforward ways that you can begin using these tips:


  • Start off with the easiest method to develop your intuition by using it to create decisions for fewer vital choice. Examples could be choosing what you wish for dinner or that film or restaurant you want to visit.


  • You will notice it easier to tune into your inner thoughts once it is quiet, so opt for space wherever you won’t be disturbed while contemplating vital decisions and choices. A good technique to use is to shut your eyes and take some deep breaths, focus entirely on the question or task at hand and see what immediately comes to mind.


  • Be willing to admit that you might produce mistakes. Pay attention to your intuition as it is typically right. However, you ought to learn from the mistakes you create and therefore; must continue developing and strengthening your internal steering.


  • When letting your inner guidance come back through don’t confuse matters by working too tirelessly or swaying the answer one way or another. Chances are if you’re leaning towards entering into one direction then you have already got the solution.


Following the above is the easiest method to urge your inner steering to begin surfacing once you need it. The more you stay the course, the easier it’ll become. As the cartoon character “Jiminy Cricket” sang to his friend Pinocchio “always let your conscience be your guide,” the same applies in reality. Follow your heart, your inner thoughts, and feelings, and you will never get off track Only if we start to lose faith and doubt ourselves that we have a tendency to become unstuck and indecisive, and this leads us in the wrong direction or at a standstill.

Mental Imagery Works

Mental Imagery works

One of the first influential and inspirational tools which might be used daily are some things which each and every one of us possesses – our very own imagination. Your thoughts, insights, ideas and intuition will be utilized in your way of life to create positive changes for the better. Everyone has an imagination though some of us have a more rich one that springs to life faster than others do. With a little practice and patience, we will all form a vision in our mind that profits us.

Using The Imagination As A Tool

How you use your imagination to benefit you in your lifestyle is merely restricted by you. You can use your imagination to check any range of things and use it for virtually any scenario. Visualization works by forming a positive image of the outcome of a situation and seeing this positive outcome in your mind as if it’s happening while allowing it to replace any negative thoughts you had. You must develop the image as much as possible and view at it from all angles. The mental picture that you integrate into your mind should be clear and attainable, visualizing how you would like matters to turn out. Think of your imagination and the impression you build as a blueprint for developing and building on, just as a designer uses a design template when planning a project from beginning to end.

The Foundations

Start by laying out the foundations of your project or what it is you want to vary in your mind. Slowly build up from the lowest visualization noting every little nook and cranny of the program. The foundation work behind your idea is the basis for your success. When laying down, the foundations think about the following

  • What is it exactly that I need to realize or change?
    • What difference can this make?
    • Can I achieve what I need on my own?
    • What do I have to vary to accomplish this in my life?
    • What do I have to be told to achieve this?


Once you have laid the foundation for whatever you would like to alter in your life then, you’ll move and build upon your set up. Visualize the project every step of the approach as clear and attainable while seeing the project from the start integrated into your mind as accurately as possible. When you have the image completed in your mind, then you’ll take steps to realize what it is you need. I encourage you to note then the steps you took in your mind in written form to accomplish the result and follow these through from start to end.

The Key Points

The key points to using mental imagination with success for any facet of your life are

  • Focusing your vision on one idea
    • Forming a clear a mental picture or image of the thought and outcome in your mind
    • Building up the idea from the foundations to completion
    • Successfully executing your plan


~ Holley Jacobs





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