Never Lose Hope

The Road To Me Monday Blog Post

My life literally lives and breathes this quote. There are many times that all I had was hope but you know what; it was enough. It was enough because I cared so much about my son that I faced adversity and overcame obstacles that many didn’t feel I could. I never look back except to remind myself where I came from and what I have become. Now, that is an enlightening experience and it makes the word “hope” all that more important to understand and have in our daily lives. I cannot express all of my hopes and dreams in one post, two posts, or even a book. I let myself hope because hope can be a motivating,  encouraging, and peaceful way of looking at life, at your troubles, and what you are going through right now. Believe in hope. I did. And it takes me to unimaginably beautiful places on a daily basis. What are your hopes? Are you shrinking back?


~ Holley Jacobs