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Spring Fever and Quotes – How Can You Resist?

I love spring time. It always reminds me of quotes. I am not sure why. I just love quotes and I love designing quotes. Due to Spring Fever, I have includes links to my quoted pictures which are for sale on my donation art website. All proceeds go to nonprofit organizations that embrace Autism and that raise awareness about domestic violence. Won’t’ you please share them and help worthy causes in the process?

Remembering September 22, 2001

A Love Story

Grandmother Quote Wallpapers

April is Autism Awareness Month

Quoted Cherry Blossoms

Leadership Quotes

Anti-Bullying Quotes

Inspirational Quotes

Happy Fathers Day

Life Quotes

Domestic Violence Wallpapers

Quoted Painting Collection

Mother’s Day Wallpapers

The Trusted Advisor




~ Holley


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