Geneva Switzerland Timelapse

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~Holley Jacobs

Find Your Wings Monday


It gave me wings

It took me a long time to face my fears and fall head first into life. For so long, I was held back in one way or another. My son now tells me that I need to slow down and relax. It is impossible to describe the feeling I felt when I found my wings. They are magical and liberating. My wings give me confidence, grace, empathy, compassion, intelligence, hope, and most importantly; LIFE! I don’t know that I would be alive now if not for finding my wings and letting them fly me to where ever I am supposed to end up. This journey is ongoing but I am so happy to have my life so I do tend to move at a fast pace. I want to fit all the things I missed from before into my life now. You only live once – remember that! Find your wings!


~ Holley Jacobs