Kharkov-Ukraine Timelapse

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~Holley Jacobs

Stronger In Places We Have Been Broken Monday


The Road To Me Monday

I really do love The Road To Me Mondays. It feels that each time I sit to reflect on one of these quotes, it is relevant to the last. They seem to come to me just when I need them and that is pure fate. I was meant for great things but I had to go through the times that broke me in order to realize my potential. Do you feel the same way? Do you sometimes feel that every day  you are broken? There was a time when I felt like this and it was miserable. I was so unhappy and questioned my very being. Looking back on that time now, I realized how much I learned from being broken and how strong it has made me today. If we all view our trials and tribulations in this manner, our futures would be so bright and we will be unstoppable. That is “me” today.


~ Holley Jacobs