The Road To Me Monday

Catch A Wave Monday

The Road To Me Monday

What a different analogy considering the wave, I recently caught. I was accepted into a grant program that is paying for me to obtain my second Masters. I looked at several schools before deciding on the University of Nebraska-Omaha. They have a great IT department, and I could not beat all that I can accomplish there as far as preparing myself for a management place in the IT field. My goal is to work my way up the corporate ladder and be one of few CEO’s of a major Fortune 500 companies. Currently, there are only 24 women in these roles. I hope to change that equation and that perception. When finished with this degree (Summer 2018), I will have a Master’s of Science in Management Information Systems majoring in Data Management AND 2 certificates – one in Project Management and one is Systems Analysis and Design. I could not be happier with the “wave” I stumbled upon. Who could ask for more? I am truly blessed and full of gratitude.


~ Holley Jacobs


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