The Road To Me Monday

Do What You Can Monday


The Road To Me Monday

Sometimes no matter how old you are, you have to literally start where you are in this life. Staying in the present is just as futile as staying in the past. Life goes on no matter how much you want it to stop.  So, instead of wallowing in what you do or don’t have, just start where you are and work from there. No one says that you have to achieve all of your goals before some magical day or age. I learned that the hard way. Now, I preach it to others when they ask for my advice. I didn’t start reaching for my goals until I was 36 years. Some may think that is crazy but I just turned 41 on July 13 but I feel like I am 21. I feel like I am on the top of the world. I see my goals coming to fruition by the hard work, dedication, help from others, and my drive. Sometimes starting where you are is the only good place to start. Remember that next time you think the past was better.


~ Holley Jacobs


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