Viral Tag – How To and Bomb Diggity

When you have as many social media outlets and creative outlets as we do, there comes a time when scheduling your social media posts via each platform is so time-consuming, that you wonder if it is all worth it. That is where we are at this part of our journey. We have been comparing different social media scheduling tools and have find what works the best for us.

We are on a trail period with Viral Tag. We decided to write a combination of “How To” and “Why The Chrome Browser Extension Is The Bomb Diggity”.

We have been on Viral Tag for two weeks trying it out to see if the platform will fit our needs. Although we gathered a bunch of information about Viral Tag and it’s inner workings, today we are going to focus on how to use the Chrome browser extension and why we think it is the bomb diggity for social media posting.

I am a Pro member of Feedly which entitles me to many perks but my favorite is the Feedly Collections. You can check out my Feedly Collections about many topics that I am interested in including web design, autism inspiration, nonprofit sector information, art, travel, photography and design collections to name a few.

Feedly Collections by Holley Jacobs
Feedly Collections

This reason for this screen shot is to show you just how much time I have spent on creating and curating the best blogs for my interests all in one place. I also use this as a way to brand myself online. Now, you will see how I was able to use Viral Tag’s Chrome extension to make the process of social sharing quicker saving me hours each week.

I click on a particular RSS feeds within any section of my collections  and am taken to the screenshot below:

Feedly view of Collection for Holley Jacobs
One of my favorite web design blogs.

Viral Tag offers several ways to find content to share to your social media sites  (see screen shot below) which I will discuss in future posts. However; I have already spent many hours curating my “Bomb Diggity” RSS feeds. I was not able to figure out how to connect the two and spent many hours working diligently to do so. Finally, “LIGHTBULB MOMENT”

Viral Tag provides rich media to share via your social media sites.
Viral Tag provides rich media to share via your social media sites.

I added the Viral Tag Chrome extension and kept my  fingers crossed that this way would not turn out like the others. Once on the page shown above, I simply clicked the Viral Tag button on my Chrome browser and the following screen shot displayed:

Viral Tag Chrome extension screen shot
Viral Tag Chrome extension screen shot

I was immediately hopeful at this point. I clicked the picture that I wanted to use for my social media post. I love many features about Viral Tag; one of which is the ability to crop images to fit perfectly within your chosen social media site and also to enhance the picture for maximum benefit (which I will discuss in future posts). I added a comment to the picture, enhanced it for better engagement with my audience, and posted it immediately to one of my new  Facebook Pages. Results are shown below:

Screen shot of product produced on one of my Facebook Pages using the Viral Tag Chrome extension
Screen shot of product produced on one of my new Facebook Pages when using the Viral Tag Chrome extension.

Now I began to worry a little bit because the Feedly information is listed at the bottom of the picture. I worried that the link would go to my Feedly collection rather than to the blog post I want to share with my audience. After going incognito and opening up this post on my Facebook Page; I clicked on the link and was ELATED with the results. A new window opened and the link went straight to the blog post on that blogger’s site. This is important to me as I like to give credit where credit is due by providing links back to the original source.

This is one of the MAIN reasons that I chose to stay with Viral Tag for my social media distribution. There are many other bonuses to using Viral Tag which I will continue in other posts. There are so many benefits, I could write a book (and you would lose interest after all those words) so instead; I am breaking up my complete review of Viral Tag into multiple posts. Sign up for my blog posts so you don’t miss out on any!

As always, comments, suggestions, and questions are encouraged below. Do you use Viral Tag? If so, what is your favorite feature?


~ Holley Jacobs


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