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Today Is The Day

This one is a hard one for me. I am a creature of habits, both good and bad habits. Making such a big promise to myself is a contemplation at this point. I just know if I am ready to do that yet or if I am even capable. This goal is one that I will have to create very SMART goals about and work on during a very specific time. Oh Lord, see; a creature of habit even as I plan to live with more intention. What are your hardest habits to break? Let me know in the comments section below.


~ Holley Jacobs

5 thoughts on “Today Was The Day Monday”

    1. Oh my Zara!! My bad eating habits change as if I were pregnant. Currently, my vice is one vanilla animal cracker with one chocolate animal cracker. Last month it was doritos and slim jims. Others have been Now and Laters, spicy hot dogs, Fritos, and the list goes on.

      That being said, I have lost 70 pounds. I don’t deprive myself of those lovely tasty foods we crave, instead I’ve been going to the YMCA 3 to 4 times a week and swimming for an hour. I also do not eat after 7 pm. Finally, I switched to Diet Coke. I’m proud of myself and happy that I found what works for me. Additionally I am not paying some company 500 dollars a month for their crappy food. Thanks for the interaction.

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      1. OMG Holley that’s AMAZING!!!!! 70lbs it’s awesome!!! I don’t deprive myself either only in the beginning to get to my target weight then I’ll be good and only have a small bit of chocolate 🍫 😊

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      2. That’s a good way of going about it. I’m going to tell it like it is. If I can’t have certain vices, I don’t even like being around myself. 🤗😅 I am a cranky person…let me tell you. And thank you for the congratulations. I didn’t realize how much of a difference it made until I started getting remarks from the neighbors and friends that haven’t seen me for a while. When they came up to me and said you’re too little you’re too skinny what happened then I realized wow I really must look different. Going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week and it weighed myself twice a week I would see a pound here or a pound there but didn’t realize the two effect. I was just looking at some pictures for me from a year ago and it truly is amazing. I’m proud of myself but more important I hope that I’m setting a good example for my son.

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