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Inspiring and positive stories of all kinds to share as a way to get ready to start your week the following day.

What Positivity and Inspiration Can Do

Thank you Tony Holland for sharing this with me. It actually helped this awful headache I’ve had all day….crazy!! Tons of Tylenol did nothing but positivity and inspiration eased my pain so much. What a great life lesson. Thank you, baby!!!


Please share with your friends, family, and acquaintances. You never know who’s day you might make better.


~ Holley Jacobs

We All Must Have Dreams

There was a study done, a hospital study on 100 elderly people facing death, close to their last breath. They were asked to reflect about their life’s biggest regret. Nearly all of them said it was not the things that they did, but the things they didn’t do, the risks they never took, the dream they didn’t pursue. Will your last words be this? ~ Prince Ea



It is right now that we must wake up and follow our dreams. If you don’t have a bucket list, you have nothing. I used to not dream. I had no dreams. I was forced by my environment to push any of those thoughts out of my head because “daily survival” continuously consumed me. I am a survivor of domestic violence. I do a lot now to raise awareness and help deter domestic violence.

I was dealing with my past on a daily basis; that is until I started to dream again. I can tell you that it changed my life in all aspects even though it is kind of scary. I reflected on Jacob and my future. I spent a lot of time giving myself permission to dream. You may not be in the situation I speak about, but each and every person at some point pushes their dreams away. You drive your dreams away when you take a new job that you hate because you need the money or for something simple such as not taking the time to smell the roses. This is detrimental to your mental and psychical health.

I decided that I was not only going to brainstorm about my dreams but to use SMART goals to attain my dreams. We all “day dream” but then we do nothing with that brainstorming. I was guilty of this for over 17 years. Now I allow myself to dream, brainstorm and write SMART goals; I go where life leads me. My dreams lead to my future. Did you get that last sentence?

Tweet: “My dreams lead to my future.” ~ Holley Jacobs
Tweet: “My dreams lead to my future.” ~ Holley Jacobs

With this mentality, I went back to school at 35 years old to study interests that I acquired during my marriage. I can’t dwell on the past, or I will not be able to dream effectually and have a fulfilling life. I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration majoring in Internet Marketing and my Master’s degree in Management majoring in Leadership. There’s more:

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The World Is Your Oyster Sunday

Keep your mind of the positive

We all go through some tough times in life; that’s just life; it can’t always be a bed of roses. However, life is what you make it and by staying positive through the bad times as well as the good can make all the difference and gets you through the tough times with a smile.


The bigger question is:


“How can we keep a positive attitude when things are rocky in life?”


Staying upbeat now and then like this can be the final thing on your mind, but it ought to be the first, you need to expect positivist now. The key to maintaining a positive attitude is finding ways to get your problems out of your head while re-energizing your mind. Re-energizing is even more important if you are having an awful day and you are feeling sorry yourself and need to sit down and cry. Here are some fantastic tips for keeping a positive outlook in life no matter what’s going around you.


  • If you find yourself around those that are negative then separate from them, negativity has a way of passing from person to person so don’t let them drag you down with them.


  • Don’t sit in front of the TV for hours at a time; the news is dreadful, to say the least, cop and law enforcement shows feature violence and death, and negativity in some type is found on virtually all of these shows. If you do watch TV, opt for a real program like a nature documentary showing the wondrous world all told its glory or a comedy.


  • Spend as much time as you’ll able to together with your family and treasured ones, do something with each other that you all relish and aim to have a family night a minimum of once every week wherever quality time is happening.


  • In times when you are feeling significantly depressed, and negativity starts to perforate, listen to your favorite upbeat music or repeat notable quotes to yourself to bring back a positive perspective.


  • Take time out daily to do something you simply get pleasure from doing that doesn’t require you to form decisions or choices, something that relaxes you to the fullest.


  • Try doing something that you wouldn’t usually do, something that is altogether not like you and out of character, take up a new hobby or sport that you just would never have thought of doing.


  • Get some exercise; this could be one thing as taking a walk in the outdoors and is completely free or visit the gym or participate in activities like yoga.


  • Set yourself goals to get ahead and once you accomplish a goal give yourself a little reward for doing accomplishing this.


  • Learn techniques that allow you to bring your attention and focus back to the task at hand quickly.


  • Use quotes and blogs you enjoy to instill self-confidence and positive thoughts and feelings throughout the day.


  • Always look for the lessons from bad times, while things may not be what we have a tendency to expect if you look arduous enough you will notice they’re not as bad as they seem to be.


  • Remember that the situation won’t last forever, this is only a short stage you’re facing, and you will bounce back.

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A Positive Attitude On Life

 A Positive Attitude On Life Can Make You Happier

Our outlook and attitude on life in general, play an enormous part in if we are happy. We have a tendency to look at life to determine how successful we can become. Someone who thinks empathically about everything can be a lot more relaxed, calm and smile more than somebody who is always betting on the dreadful aspect, who lets stress get to them and who perpetually wears a frown.

Not only will how you think and feel have an effect on you, it also affects those around you, in short our mood affects our day. Developing and keeping a positive outlook is essential if you would like to have a positive and fulfilling life.

A Positive Attitude on Life

There are several ways in which you’ll be able to develop an additional positive outlook and start to alter how you think and feel regarding the countless things that you encounter in daily living. Changing your perspective and not shifting back into negative thinking can take time however eventually the new outlook will become a habit of sorts. There are five main key points to bear in mind while developing your outlook.

1. Turn your manner of thinking into a positive one and apply positive thinking on a daily basis. You should set your mind on finishing one task at a time and think solely of a positive outcome and how excited you’ll feel after you have completed the task. Never relinquish to doubt and let yourself believe that you simply have taken too much on. Just keep going.
2. Don’t let your conversations turn negative, while talking with others. It’s simple to let others discourage you, particularly if they have a negative outlook on life. Don’t be tempted to fall back into your old ways that, in turn, will increase negative thinking. Think in a positive manner and look for the great in everyone and any scenario.
3. Look for the positive in those around you and point it out, this way you’ll be able to encourage a positive perspective all around you.
4. Whatever you are doing in your daily life continuously search for the positive aspects in it. Although it may be an uneventful task that you usually hate doing and one that leaves you feeling negative, try to realize one thing about it that turns it into an additional positive scenario.
5. Never let yourself become distracted or misled into going back to negativity, it takes some time to change the approach you are using and think about the positive if you have been down on yourself as well as the world for an extended amount of time. Your new outlook on life can take a moment to register and remain in your subconscious.
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