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Paying It Forward Tip 1


I decided to start using SnapChat in a way that I feel is useful. If you follow me on Facebook you will know that I am addicted to SnapChat. I am not a vain person at all. In fact, I shun all contact with a mirror if possible. However, since being introduced to SnapChat about a month ago, I have been obsessed with their cute filters, funny voices, and ways of making me look half-decent.

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Google Doodles Creative Awesomeness

I am a die-hard Google lover. I love EVERYTHING GOOGLE! I have studied the company in great detail, but one of my favorite “creative awesomeness” that Google creates are the Google Doodles. Many may not realize this, but the Google Doodle idea was alive before they even incorporated. Founders, Larry, and Sergey created a simple Doodle to revise the Google logo for a festival in 1998.

Dennis Hwang, a webmaster intern at Google in 2000 created the next, more creative Doodle to celebrate Bastille Day. Little did Google realize that Googlers in America, as well as the international audience, were hooked. So, Google did what it does best; they ran with it and today, Google Dooles are more popular than ever. Originally designed around holidays, Google Doodles quickly evolved into finding further creative reasons to make Google Doodles.

My favorite doodles are the GIFS. They speak to me more than others mostly because I have yet to master how to create awesome GIFS. A few of my favorites are:


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Creative Filmography’s You Must Watch

Gen Ip’s YouTube Channel has four of the greatest video compilations I have come across while searching YouTube. I am a visual person and enjoy finding creative artists that deal with video and music. Gen Ip has created what is called “Filmography” for the years 2010 through 2013.  During each of those years, she compiled over 200 movie clips in a six to seven minute time span. Just think about that. OVER 200 video clips in a matter of minutes.

She is from Vancouver BC and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. She uses YouTube as her creative outlet, and although she has produced 12 videos on her YouTube Channel, she has a dedicated subscriber list of 18,000 and over 8.5 million views. I have a special YouTube playlist just for these four videos. They are worth the time to watch them and add them to your YouTube Channel. If you appreciate movies, music, video editing, and creativity at its best, this is the blog post you can’t miss.

In an interview in 2010, she states that she uses her free time or when the ideas come to her to produce the videos. She has always been impressed by the magnitude of watching other great film compilations. She admires film as a fantastic storytelling medium. She goes on to mention that when someone can mash multiple movies in a cohesive manner, they can be

“quite revealing about the culture and society that they come from.”

Gen Ip YouTube Filmography Collage

The secret to part of her success (minus the pure talent) is that she used movie trailers for the videos. Movie trailers are of good quality and show the most dramatic moments in a film. She starts many months in advance by downloading the movie trailers, importing them into her editing system and then using the most important parts of the trailers sound bytes.

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