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Come Check A Few Of These Sites Too

These are the places where you can find me creating digital art, sharing tattoos, revealing my bucket list, listing my art for sale, sharing my designed quotes, others designed quotes, and finally my new personal website not in that specific order. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them and filling them with content.


Quotes Are My Passion


Quotes Are My Passion Website Header
This is my website where I share quotes that I designed. I now have the ability to offer canvas prints of all my artwork. Check it out!



Holley Jacobs Personal Website


Holley Jacobs Portfolio Branding Elements GIF
This is one of the branding elements to my newly designed personal website. Check it out and let me know what you think.  Holley Jacobs Personal Website.



Beautiful World Bucket List

Main Page
Over 96,000 Followers and I am so grateful. So many beautiful places on this earth to visit. An aspiring bucket lister sharing my list with the world.  See some amazing places on Beautiful World Bucket List. See “Your Bucket List” to join.


I Love Tattoos Too


Picture of I Like Tattoos Too
I Like Tattoos was my first blog ever. I designed the main picture you see here. I do not maintain this blog any longer but it is what I consider my first real piece of art.



Quotes Are My Passion – Admiring Others Work

Picture of Quotes Are My Passion Screen Shot
I collected other people’s quotes before I created my own. So I still share those quotes too.

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